More benefits coming to union stores

clipart of hand griping shaker cup

Last month, SBWU and Starbucks announced that we were in discussions to develop a foundational framework for organizing and bargaining. We’re happy to announce workers in affected stores that have previously been withheld benefits will finally have access to them! 🎉✊ This has been one of our demands since 2022, and today is not only […]

Celebration in Seattle – Solidarity Wins!

Partners in the Seattle celebration holding signs reading "When we fight we win!"

Last week, Starbucks workers and allies threw a party in Seattle to celebrate the recent agreement and ongoing discussions between our union & Starbucks. THANK YOU to every ally who has stood alongside us in solidarity – without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today! While we still have work to do, we’ve never […]


An individual standing outside a building at night, wearing a cardigan and holding a sign that reads "We're on ULP Strike!" with a red circular logo and a raised fist holding a pen. Another individual is seen attaching a sign to the door of a Starbucks store.

MIAMI – Baristas at a Miami Starbucks Thursday voted to join Starbucks Workers United, becoming the 400th store to join the union, and pushing the total number of workers at union stores over 10,000.  “We believe our voices, heard together, are important for Starbucks’ success,” said Isabella Briceno (she/her), a 2 year barista at the […]