Joining our campaign means becoming part of a community centered around the shared goal that unionized and not-yet union partners have: making Starbucks a better place to work. 

Once you sign a card, you may be contacted by an organizer who will connect you with other partners in your area. We can help you assess how involved you’d like to be. 


  • How does this benefit me? 

    • When you join our movement, you’ll be welcomed into a community of partners who take on workplace problems together, share organizing, legal, and other resources, and build lasting friendships.

  • Does signing this mean my union support will be public? 

    • No. Being public about your support will always be your decision. We will not share the information provided on this card with Starbucks without your permission. 

  • Can I share this with my coworkers? 

    • Yes! Feel free to share with coworkers you know you can trust. 

  • What if my store isn’t ready to organize? 

    • That’s ok! Joining in this way is an individual commitment, not a commitment on your store’s behalf. But, linking up with the movement can give you the resources and skills to organize when your store is ready. 

  • Will I have to pay dues? 

    • No! Right now, no Starbucks worker, union or non-union, is paying dues. Ordinarily, dues only come into play at unionized workplaces once a union contract is ratified by a majority vote. 

  • Will I be covered by the union contract? 

    • While Starbucks is only obligated to negotiate a contract at stores who won their union elections, being a part of the fight will benefit all Starbucks workers!

Questions not answered here? You can text us at 559-272-9848 for more info.