Letter to Starbucks CEO from Organizing Stores (July 2024)

Dear Laxman Narasimhan,

We, the partners at 15 stores across the country, are joining together with the 460+ stores who’ve already organized to have our voices be heard. Starbucks has been able to ignore our individual voices, it’s time to use our collective voice. We run the floor, we see the effects on partners and customers, we see the issues that arise from the problems we’re demanding solutions for. We make the company’s money, and we deserve to have a say. 

Consistently, schedules are not meeting partners’ financial needs or availability needs. When we don’t get enough hours, we have to work multiple jobs which causes further scheduling issues and puts significant stress on partners. “World class benefits” don’t matter if you don’t get scheduled enough hours to qualify for them.

At the same time, we are seeing more and more promotional days, and we are not seeing the increased staffing to match it. Partners are doing the work of multiple people and not being compensated for it. This causes burnout which leads to partners quitting and higher turnover which in turn causes more burnout. We’re seeing in many stores that understaffing is getting worse, not better. These conditions in our stores negatively impact our mental health, and we’ve seen too many of our partners leave because they had to prioritize their well being.

Understaffing is not only bad for partners, but creates an awful experience for customers as well, who are stuck waiting in long lines for rushed service. Customers are our community. We care about their experience and are frustrated when we can’t provide it. Our customers have seen the changes in our stores and want better from the company and for our community. All of this has led more and more to customers not returning to our stores, and we miss our regulars.

We can no longer tolerate these impacts on our community, our customers, and our partners. We are coming together to make our stores a better place for all of us, and look forward to working with Starbucks to create these vitally needed changes.

In solidarity,

The Partners at

  • Speedway & Park – Tucson, AZ
  • Capitol Square Mall – San Jose, CA
  • Wheaton Way & Sylvan Way – Bremerton, WA (Seattle-area)
  • Beechmont & Five Mile – Cincinnati, OH
  • Holcomb Bridge & Holcomb Woods – Roswell, GA (Atlanta-area)
  • North Point & Haynes Bridge – Alpharetta, GA (Atlanta-area)
  • Sepulveda & Vose – Van Nuys, CA (Los Angeles-area)
  • Massachusetts Ave – Indianapolis, IN
  • Essex Junction – Burlington, VT
  • Broadway & Canal – New York City, NY
  • Woods Cross – 2600 S & I-15 – Woods Cross, UT 
  • Mall at Robinson Level 1 – Pittsburgh, PA 
  • Holiday Manor – Louisville, KY
  • Flatwoods Factory – Sutton, WV
  • 16th & Walnut – Philadelphia, PA

With more stores to be announced soon

For Starbucks Workers United media/press requests, please contact Starbucksmedia@workers-united.org