Letter to Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan Signed by 14 Organizing Stores (May 2024)

Starbucks Workers United Logo

Dear Laxman, 

We the partners at 14 stores are joining with our fellow union partners at 425+ locations around the country to bargain for a fair, dignified, and safe Starbucks. We look forward to proceeding with our union elections and contract campaign under the free and fair election process that Starbucks and Workers United have mutually agreed to. We will work together as a union and as a company to create must-needed changes at Starbucks.

It has become clear to all of us that despite the company saying they prioritize the partner experience, Starbucks has fallen short in giving us the resources we need to succeed. When it comes to making changes to store operations that affect our experience as workers, our voices have been left out of the decision making process. 

One of the biggest issues we face as Starbucks workers is understaffing – particularly on promotional days. We experience sometimes double and triple the normal volume of customers, but without staffing levels to reflect the level of work needed to be done. It is commonplace for three partners on the floor to end up doing the work of five or six people without being compensated for it. We are coming together as union stores to demand improvements like better staffing, guaranteed hours, and just compensation for the work we are doing. Raising these issues to store managers, district managers, and filling out partner surveys in the past have yielded no change to our working conditions. 

We as the workers are the ones that understand best what is needed for both the store and ourselves to succeed. After exhausting all official Starbucks channels, it has become clear to all of us that our experience as baristas is undervalued. The only way to create meaningful change and to have the company listen to our needs is through unionizing, working with 10,000+ other workers, and collective bargaining with Starbucks to improve our working conditions around the country. We look forward to having our voices heard through the power of our Union.

In solidarity,
The partners (workers) at

53rd & Elmore (Davenport, IA)
Forbes & Atwood (Pittsburgh, PA)
Portsmouth Ave (Stratham, NH)
JFK & McCain (Little Rock, AR)
Lancaster & Silverton (Salem, OR)
Newhall & Carl (Santa Clarita, CA)
Dale Mabry & Linebaugh (Tampa, FL)
Dakota Ave II (Chanhassen, MN)
Robinsville 2325 RT 33 (Robinsville, NJ)
Hover & Trade (Longmont, CO)
1900 16th St (WeWatta, Denver, CO)
Jefferson Hwy & Upstream (River Ridge, LA)
Hoyt & Schermerhorn (Hoyt-Schermerhorn, Brooklyn, NY)
Main & Arden (Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY)