Letter to Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan Signed by 20 Organizing Stores (June 2024)

Dear Laxman,

We, the Partners of 20 stores across the country, have decided to follow in the footsteps of over 440 other stores and 10,500 of our fellow partners to demand better from Starbucks Coffee Company. Though we work at different stores, we are united through our shared experiences and in our demand for higher wages, fair and consistent scheduling, improved benefits, and a safe and dignified workplace.

We believe that forming a union is necessary to address these concerns and improve the working conditions of all Starbucks employees. As the face of Starbucks, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our customers, but we also deserve fair compensation, job security, and a voice in decisions that affect us.

Our decision to unionize is not made lightly. We believe that a union will not only benefit us as workers but will also strengthen Starbucks as a company by fostering a more collaborative and productive work environment.

We hope that Starbucks will respect our right to organize and engage in constructive dialogue with us as we move forward with the unionization process.

In solidarity,

The Partners of

Westgate – Toledo, OH

Howe Ave – Akron, OH

Main St & Wilson Rd – Newberry, SC

Dixie Hwy – Miami, FL

I55 & Northside – Jackson, MS

Indiana Ave – Bloomington, IN

1121 South Jordan Pkwy – South Jordan, UT

Pipeline & Hwy 820 – Dallas, TX

Troy Hills – Parsippany, NJ

Brighton Village – Brighton, MA

Alameda & Shelton – Burbank, CA

Riverdale Park – University Park, MD

Shadyside – Pittsburgh, PA

7th & Westlake – Seattle, WA

Media – Media, PA

155 Water street – New York City, NY

Nassau and Fulton – New York City, NY

444 Broadway – New York City, NY

Lewis Center Neverland Drive – Columbus, OH

Reynoldsburg (East Broad) – Reynoldsburg, OH