Our Fight

Partners around the country found we are experiencing the same, systemic problems: short staffing and unpredictable scheduling; low wages; unaffordable healthcare; harassment; broken equipment; unfair discipline.

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We began taking action to push back on unresponsive management, unjust retaliation, and an unfair scheduling system. We saw that store by store, it was possible to win direct changes by taking a unified stand – and that by unionizing we can address these issues and hold Starbucks accountable.

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We want Starbucks to live up to what it claims to be. We’re coming together to build a better Starbucks for all of us, where partners can work with dignity at workplaces they can be proud of. A union contract is the best path toward true partnership at Starbucks, and for workers across the coffee and restaurant industry. 

We spent months researching, discussing, and developing ideas to improve conditions for workers and customers. Hundreds of Starbucks partners filled out surveys and provided feedback on our Proposals, all of which are rooted in diversity, productivity, dignity and inclusion.

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The Right to Organize

This demand protects all of us against the illegal union-busting that Starbucks is waging on partners across the U.S. today.

The National Labor Relations Board is already taking steps to enforce the law on our behalf, and we call on Starbucks to immediately halt all interference and intimidation and to agree to a fair process for union votes. 

When we secure Fair Election Principles as part of our contract with Starbucks, the company will be held to an ethical code of conduct designed to safeguard the organizing process. This will allow partners at not-yet-union stores across the country to join our union quickly and freely, without reprisals. Continuing to grow our union through new organizing means that we'll keep building the power we need to make further improvements in our stores and across the company.

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Strong Foundation of Rights

Every union contract includes basic rights for all workers. Ours will include Just Cause; Grievance Procedure; and Seniority Rights.

Just Cause: Discipline and discharge for fair cause only. This protects workers against unjust discipline;Grievance Procedure: A legal process and neutral decision-maker to fight back when disputes arise;Seniority Rights: Seniority protects against favoritism and establishes a fair process in scheduling, vacations and more. The longer you work for Starbucks, the more status you enjoy in scheduling, PTO, additional hours, overtime, promotions, and lay-offs.
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Health & Safety

This is about all the protections we need and deserve in order to create a safe and respectful working environment.

A strong commitment to racial justice, including protections against racial harassment and bigotry from customers, co-workers and managers;Zero tolerance of sexual harassment;A process to fix safety issues at our stores through a joint safety committee of workers and managers;Respect and dignity commitments to ensure that we are treated with the respect that we deserve.
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Wages & Pay

We deserve wages that give us economic security. 

A base wage for all workers of at least $20 an hour for baristas, with a fair way to calculate a higher base wage in high cost areas. The base wage for SSV’s will be $25.40; Strong annual raises of 5% and cost of living adjustments, which will be applied to current workers upon signing the first contract;Seniority raises that reward longevity; Past job experience factored into the base wage for returning and new partners; Retirement: An important value of trade unionism is  that employers have a responsibility to assist employees in preparing for retirement, in recognition of their years of labor to the employer.  Therefore, Starbucks workers will be automatically enrolled into an employer-sponsored 401(k) retirement plan. Contributions will be made by the employer and additional contributions may also be made by the employee.
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No Reductions

The only way we guarantee that a right can’t be taken away from us is if it is written in the union contract. 

That’s why our Proposals state that no employees will have their wages, benefits or other working conditions reduced or taken away unless mutually agreed to by both workers and Starbucks.

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High Quality Healthcare

Healthcare plans offered by the company have become more expensive while only providing minimal coverage in many cases. We ALL deserve high quality care without it coming out of our paychecks. 

Affordable and 100% employer-paid care (with co-pays capped at $10 maximum); Accessible for full and part time workers who become eligible after 30 days of employment;High quality comprehensive coverage, including medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, and life insurance. Any changes to the benefit, plans, and cost must be negotiated in advance with the union;Improved access to mental health services;Addition of domestic partner coverage;Full reinstatement of gender affirming health care benefits available prior to changes on October 1st, 2022  (Transgender healthcare benefits based on the most current version of the WPATH’s (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) standards of care as a guide for medical necessity).
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Guaranteed & Consistent Schedules

Lack of sufficient hours and inconsistent schedules leads to economic instability and hardship, whether due to child care, schooling, or holding another job or internship.  

This Proposal demands a scheduling and hours policy that:

Establishes a fair process to obtain consistent schedules, overtime, vacation and more without favoritism;Guarantees full-time status for those who work an average of 32 hours per week (or more) and benefits for those working less than 20 hours per week;A system to guarantee one’s hours each week, including a 4-hour minimum, with significant changes to the schedule discussed with the joint labor management committee;Guidelines for a 15 minute paid break, choice of 30-60 minute unpaid break, overtime pay, shift premiums, training and non-coverage hours and more!


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Expanded LOA & PTO

An important part of sustainable working conditions is having healthy leave rights for vacation time, sick leave, holidays, and leaves of absence.

Vacation Time: Guaranteed faster accrual of vacation based on total years of service (which does not need to be worked continuously); Sick Time: All employees earn up to 13 paid sick days per year. Accrued but unused sick time will be rolled over to the following year;Holidays: All employees (employed 30 days or more) will be paid for 10 holidays, regardless of whether they work on that day. All employees who actually work on the holiday will also be paid time and one half their base rate of pay for all hours worked on the holiday;Leaves of Absence: Expanded access to FMLA and other medical leave, with the ability to take FMLA intermittently if desired.Additional leave for parental, personal, bereavement, jury duty,  coffee breaks (an unpaid leave of up to one year for workers with more than ten years), as well as the right to take leave for union work.Replacements: It is the responsibility of the Employer to find replacements for workers who are using paid time off.
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Immediate Access to Withheld Benefits

During the first year of our campaign, some of our public demands were implemented by Starbucks to workers at non-union stores without bargaining in good faith with our union.

However, in February of 2024, as part of an agreement to create a foundational framework around bargaining and organizing, Starbucks and Workers United announced that these benefits were coming to all company-owned locations. This is a huge victory for all Starbucks partners!

These benefits include

Credit card tipping;

Inclusive aprons sizes that meet the need of every worker;

Expansion of the dress code;

Faster accrual of PTO;

Additional training;

And more

If you’re a worker at a union store that organized before summer 2022, click here to see a timeline of benefits rollout.

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