Recent Union Wins & Bargaining Updates!

As the summer gets hotter, so does our organizing! This year alone, Starbucks workers have organized unions in nearly a hundred stores (maybe more by the time you’re reading this!). In fact, during a two week period in June, workers won their unions in 20 stores – and one of them became the first union Starbucks in Mississippi!

Worker victories aren’t stopping anytime soon. 2024 is already shaping up to be one of our union’s busiest years yet!

The Shadyville Starbucks store in Pittsburgh, PA celebrating their union’s win in June

SBWU members at the Shadyville store in Pittsburgh, PA and the Troy Hills store in Parsippany, NJ celebrating their union’s wins in June

In February, Workers United and Starbucks announced that we were coming together to begin bargaining a foundational framework for each cafe’s union contracts. Hundreds of Starbucks partners were voted by their coworkers to be bargaining delegates for their stores, and since April, these partners have been making incredible progress each month. It’s been a long time coming – and some said it would be impossible – but this is an incredible victory that really proves workers have power when we’re organized together!

Unionized partners around the country created and gave feedback on proposals that we’re bringing to Starbucks at the bargaining table. Starbucks then has an opportunity to provide a counter-proposal, which delegates work as a group on responding to. Once both our union and the company come to an agreement, that article goes into our proposed foundational contract!

A Starbucks worker with Starbucks Workers United in a cowboy hat votes during delegates assembly at bargaining.
Starbucks workers gather in the bargaining room during contract bargaining with Starbucks Workers United
Three Starbucks Workers United members pose in front of a sign that says "Welcome to Texas"

(want to know what bargaining is like as a Starbucks worker? Check out these videos our members made – both as an in-person bargaining delegate, and a virtual delegate!)

Since the beginning, our campaign has fought for livable wages, easier access to benefits like healthcare, stronger safety protections, guaranteed staffing & scheduling, and more. While we’re still collaborating democratically on what the entirety of our contracts’ foundation looks like, not a single store’s contract will go into effect without being voted in by a majority of workers in each store. Every unionized partner in each union store will be able to vote on their final contracts.

Starbucks partners in Los Angeles strike during Red Cup Day alongside other unionized stores across the country

Partners in Los Angeles strike during Red Cup Day alongside other unionized stores across the country

As more and more stores organize and vote yes to a union, more and more workers join us during bargaining and get to have a say in what our workplaces should look like. We’re stronger together, and when we organize, we really show how we get the goods!

If you’re a Starbucks worker at a store that hasn’t yet unionized, there’s never been a better time to join our movement. Now is the time to add your voice as we bargain for our first contracts. Check out what partners are fighting for, and message or text us if you’d like to speak with an organizer in your region about how starting a union at your store could help you and your coworkers!

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